Living our values!!

Living our values!!

This week Mr. Gregory Stephen Brown left Costa Rica after working for serval days with Jose Belfort on Strategic Planning for VERTEX-Organizational Bridges work in Costa Rica and in various cities throughout the United States.

VERTEX-Organizational Bridges Jose Belfort and Gregory Stephen Brown serve as Executive Directors for the Global Chamber of Commerce for (San Jose, Costa Rica and Kansas City, Missouri) and are preparing launch plans that will help to increase global business opportunities for companies and should result in increased employment opportunities and economic investment for Costa Rica and the Metropolitan Area of Kansas City, Missouri in the United States.

During this week we also visited FUNIPAR, an NGO in Cartago which helps students with special needs obtain a quality education.

Our service to provide them a technical support to develop a fund development and fundraising campaign to obtain grant money from the United States and European Foundations, Corporations and Individual Donors to increase quality educational services and workforce employment development opportunities to students with special needs.

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